Vue.js Roadmap

Main concepts

1. Overview

Before jumping into the details, why not try to take a bird's eye view on how all the pieces and tools interact with each other?

2. Installation and vue-cli

Use npm or yarn to install vue-cli :

npm install -g @vue/cli
# OR
yarn global add @vue/cli

Then, to create a new project run:

vue create my-project

# OR, using the graphical interface:
vue ui

Creating a project without vue-cli

If you want to create a project from scratch, without using vue-cli , here's some of the things that you will have to configure:

  • Webpack
  • Install all the dependencies
  • Create all the initial files

3. Vue instance and data properties

Learn two of the very basics and fundamental concepts of Vue: the Vue instance and data properties.

5. Computed properties and Watchers

The documentation is a great starting point to understand Computed properties:

6. Rendering, Directives, and Events